Electric power and e-mobility

Here you can fuel electricity instead of gas.

We support electric mobility with our e-service station and focus on an environmentally and climate friendly driving behaviour.

This is our contribution to climate protection and sustainability!

Energie-Tankstelle für Autos, Mopeds und Fahrräder

You can find the e-service station in the centre of St. Riprecht/Raab right in front of our Locker & Légere and the SPAR-supermarket.

All guests of hotel & cafe-bar can fuel electricity for free at our e-service station!

At our e-service station you can fuel electricity for free with the following vehicles:

Two-pin earthed plug for:

  • E-Bikes
  • E-Scooter
  • E-Cars
  • and all vehicles that can be charged with a type 2 plug systsem (e.g. BMW i3, VW e-up!, Renault ZOE)