Hiking and running

Hiking is an activity of the feet and a condition of the soul...
Josef Hofmiller

Exercising in the nature as an opposite pole to the pressures of everyday life…

In the course of evolution, the human being has developed to an erect creature with two feet. Walking was only important to run away from enemies or to hunt animals million years ago. Today, walking is more than just getting from one place to another… Hiking, walking and mountain climbing are now an important part for the human body, spirit and soul.

A feast of the senses in our homeland

Experience wonderful hiking trips as a feast for the senses in our homeland! We invite you to wonderful trips through amazing landscapes, up to impressive summits, across green fields and to eventful canyons and ravines.

As soon as you have reached our hotel at the end of an eventful day, relax and think again about the amazing landscape you saw that day, you will experience the feeling of pleasure and happiness…

Hiking routes in the Raabklamm

Hiking and running in the Raabtal

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Your hiking-route

You can get more information about the hiking-route at the hotel Locker & Legere!

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