The garden of Austria

Welcome at the garden of Austria.


Here is the home of the Käferbohne (bean), pumpkin, apple, Hirschbirne (pear), wine – and the unbelievable variety of these products.

The area: romantic! We offer things that come out of the nature. And this variety will amaze you! The area around St.Ruprecht is a highlight in the garden area of Styria and the ideal starting point for activities and trips through the garden auf Austria. Starting with the wonderful smelling apple trees of the Styrian apple-road up to the herb gardens and nicely designed house gardens in small villages and finally the nature park of the Almenland and the amazing palace gardens (e.g. Castle Herberstein) – you will enjoy this amazing gardenscape. A mixture of colours and diversified varieties, which relax body, spirit and soul and inspire your senses through odours, colours and shapes in every kind of form.

Arrive at the garden of Austria.