Exercising in nature is the ideal antidote to the pressures of modern living.

In the course of evolution man has developed into an upright being on two legs. Millions of years ago, walking was only important to escape the enemy or to get food while hunting. Today walking is more than just getting around… Hiking, walking and mountaineering have developed in various forms as a balm for body, mind and soul.

Experience wonderful hikes as a feast for the senses in our homeland. We invite you on wonderful tours through vivid and dreamy landscapes, up to impressive peaks, over lush meadows and alpine pastures and through stunning gorges…

When you arrive back at the hotel in the evening and put your feet up, you will see the enchanting landscape in your mind which creates feelings of bliss.

Hiking in the Raabklamm

The large Raabklamm (Raab Gorge) – the longest gorge in Austria

The large Raabklamm has been a nature reserve since 1970 and is now also a NATURA 2000 Europe reserve. The paths and footbridges are easy to walk on and signposted. There are parking spaces for cars and buses at all entry points.
Main path: Restaurant Jägerwirt until Arzberg
Walking distance: about 10km, walking time: about 4 hours


The small Raabklamm – a family-friendly hiking path

The small Raabklamm can be reached from St. Ruprecht/Raab in 5 minutes by car. By bike you can reach the starting point in around 15 minutes. The route is suitable for strollers and bikes. It is equally suitable as a leisurely hike.

Walking distance: about 7km
Walking time: 2-3 hours


Hiking to the Schöckl hill

Schöckl, the hill of Graz, is one of the most beautiful hiking routes in Eastern Styria. Diverse and varied hikes and sections of the route await you.

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Pope Francis pilgrimage path

The Pope Francis pilgrimage stretches from Mariatrost to the basilica on the Weizberg. There are 7 stations along the entire route that invite you to rest and linger. The path covers a total of 24km.


Walking time: about 7 hours



Excursion destinations

7 places 7 treasures

On this unique hiking trail you can explore the 7 most beautiful places in St. Ruprecht/Raab! The well-known wood carver from St. Ruprecht, Hans Pendl, designed or helped to design all of the spots. The trail is marked with a sticker on the yellow signs. The starting point is the main square of St. Ruprecht (right across Locker & Légere).

  • Peace grotto
  • Hubertus chapel
  • Kern chapel (highlight, really worth visiting!)
  • Praying chapel Arndorf
  • Art park
  • Stefaniequelle (spring)
  • Blessing place for children

Peace grotto

The Peace Grotto is a place for inner contemplation, located under the stairs to the church. The statue of St. Mary was carved by Hans Pendl, the large wooden cross comes directly from the famous pilgrimage town of Medjugorje. At Christmas you can pick up the peace light from Bethlehem here. The wall is lined with many small stars – these are dedicated to the star children who never saw the light of day or who left this world far too early. A wonderful place which you have to visit! Right on the main square, next to Locker & Légere.

Art park

The art park in St. Ruprecht/Raab is a meeting place: people meet, artists meet, objects of art meet nature. All objects are exhibited outdoors and want to inspire and bring joy to their viewers. The park is constantly changing – just like nature! Currently 35 different artists have exhibited more than 50 pieces. The exhibits change constantly and so it is always worth stopping by the art park! Parts of the park are dedicated to nature – there is a snack garden, old fruit trees, an insect hotel, bushes and a wild flower meadow.

Stefaniequelle (spring)

Many myths revolve around the Stefanie spring, which is located in the middle of a beautiful forest in Dörfl, only a 10-minute walk from the Hotel Locker & Légere. People have been making pilgrimages to this magical place of power since the 18th century, as the water is said to have a healing effect on eye problems. The way to the spring is easy to reach for children and the elderly.