Tradition and family

The family tradition of the Locker family as innkeepers at Parkstrasse 29 begins in 1892. Carl and Theresia Locker ran what was then an inn and a bakery. One can imagine what it was like when the Emperor’s word counted and the horse-drawn carriages drove through St. Ruprecht…

The next generation made history: Max, who was a unique host, and his wife Barbara, also lovingly called Wetti, created the Locker house cake. Even today it is baked according to great-grandmother’s secret recipe and is unique in taste and appearance! In the 1960s, Hans and Luise Locker took over the business and invested heavily. The passionate cook Luise worked wonders in the kitchen and Hans had both the restaurant and the farm firmly under control. The two of them are still fondly remembered by many guests today and those wonderful memories put a smile on people’s faces.

Max Locker Altes Gasthaus Historisches Foto, Historie, Familientradition, history

Even then, the two visionaries built a guesthouse with a toilet in the rooms (instead of in the hallway) and a swimming pool – hundreds of summer visitors from Germany and Holland came to relax in St. Ruprecht an der Raab! In the 80s, the two handed over the business to their son Johann Locker, who renovated the bowling alley, completely rebuilt the hall and established the inn as a wedding location.

At the turn of the millenium, Christa Heuberger, the sister of Johann Locker junior, completely rebuilt the guesthouse together with her husband Karl and opened a beautiful 4* hotel. She the German and Austrian bus travel market and the Landhotel Locker achieved an excellent reputation with business travelers!

In 2013, Maria Heuberger, the daughter of Christa and Karl Heuberger, bought the property from her uncle Hansi and started a complete renovation. After a year of construction, the restaurant represents a whole new quality. Structural highlights are the large sun patio and the rich breakfast buffet, the atmospheric bar area and the seminar room, the modern glass facade and the large children’s corner. The hotel was updated to the latest state of technical development, bathrooms were renovated and the rooms in the garden house were renewed. Today the Locker & Légere is a cozy hotel and modern restaurant that is run with great attention to detail.